Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lazy Day, Suprise Parties and Redbull!!!

Let me tell you about this past of the most laziest days in the world! I was amazed at how lazy I was. It started off at waking up at 3 pm after going to bed at 1 am...Now I usually go to bed later than that but man it felt good to go to bed that early. Anyways I was just sitting at home I was patiently waiting for Stephen's surprise party. I called up loagan around 8:45pm (Cause I thought Stephen would be there at 9) To my surprise he wasn't actually gonna be there till about 9:45. I asked if I could stay there until then I was told yes as others before had already arrived. I came through the door and wow a room full of people I didn't know. Now let me tell you don't you just hate it when you go someones house or some gathering of a sort and you don't know anyone there but everyone is talking with each other and you just feel like the odd one out....that's a little bit how I felt so I just sat on one of the big chairs and enjoyed my blowpop...which I haven't had one in years!! SO GOOD! So a few more people arrive that I know so I start to immerse in conversations of sorts and we are all just havin fun and getting the place decorated and blowing up balloons going all crazy...Telling ghost stories, I don't know why but I guess because Halloween is pretty close. Then all of a sudden Trent gets a text saying they are on center st. and shouldn't be to much longer....Well we got the bright idea of lighting the candles now so they will be totally ready for Stephen. We lit them, waited like 10 minutes of anticipation, I was starring out the peephole waiting for him and by the time Stephen got to the door half the candles were melted down into the cake ^_^. He came in and BAM!!!! SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't even expect this and he was like yeah awesome agaghagahaghahh! hahah it was way fun and we ate some cake and Stephen opened his presents and he got some swords which he is very fond of and we had sword fights and relaxed a bit, I pestered some people and pretended to throw Bethany's shoe out the window and we all just had a great time. I decided to dance to myself since no one else would and I was just nuts and the music was bumpin! We all decided to watch Tommy Boy which is always a classic. After a great night with friends and have a few laughs everyone left and I helped clean up some of the mess and said my goodbyes. Once I got home I logged onto facebook like I usually do and noticed an add for free redbull. Well what is better than free! NOTHING! So I looked into and saw that redbull is hiding packs of redbull shots around America so I put in my zip code and saw there were some listings in Provo. I asked Carston if he wanted to go, he said yes. We embarked on our adventure around 3am and we had some success we found two cases and failed on the third because someone must have already taken it but didn't report it! punks! Anyways we got home around 5am and finished watching Boondock Saints. I fell straight asleep after that and had wonderful dreams where my dad was gonna buy me a new LCD 52inch TV...YEAH RIGHT. Like that will ever happen!!! All in all it was fun to spend time with good friends and really see what friendship does for your lives